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After posting your Songs on iTunesLoaded, it's time to get it promoted to millions so it can become a hit that you want it to become.

You can promote your Song on iTunesLoaded using the Banner Advert Promo package to make your Song discoverable to over 3 Million in 1 week to get more Downloads for your Song.



The way this Banner Advert works is that no matter what pages of the Website our users are browsing, be it that they are reading News, Watching Videos, Reading and Entertainment news, They get to see your Song everywhere and this will, in turn, increases the Artist brand identity and also increase the number of downloads & streaming his/her song.



Your Music Banner Ads will appear on all pages of our website.

Our site users can easily download your Songs by clicking on the Banner

This package can get your song 100k downloads in just 1 week


This package goes for ₦150,000/Week or ₦400,000/Month


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