iTunesLoaded Monthly Mixtape

Based on popular demands from Music lovers of the World, we always release a iTunesLoaded monthly mixtape and we get nothing less than at least 1.5m Downloads every month.

With millions of Downloads recorded on our Monthly mixtapes, it’s no flu1ke when we say our Mixtape is the fastest way for established and Upcoming Artiste to travel far and wide across the world and get their songs popping everywhere even in Locations they can't imagine their song could be played at.

Just imagine over 2.5m people listening and loving your song? We believe you know the goodies attached to it. Your Voice will surely be heard on Campuses, Hostels, Parties, in various homes, cars etc. 

We have millions who download Mixtapes on our Website and many other people from USUKSouth AfricaMalaysiaKenyaGermany, and many other countries.

We charge ₦30,000 to get your song included in our Mixtape. 

NOTE:- You must have your song uploaded on iTunesLoaded first before you can have it on our Mixtape so it will be easier for music lovers to download your song if they eventually like it while listening to the Mixtape. 

See Sample => Click Here to see how the iTunesLoaded Industry Monthly Mixtape works on iTunesLoaded | CLICK HERE

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