iTunesLoaded Floating Music Banner/Player

The Floating Music Player is one of the Most Efficient ways to promote Music on iTunesLoaded. This Package receives nothing less than 500k Downloads/Stream for any Song.

With this Promotion package, No matter the Pages our users browse, Your song can be played and downloaded with ease from any pages of our Website while they read News or are busy downing other songs.

Also, No matter how much the users scroll down or up, Your Music Artwork, Player and Download button never leaves their Sight for a second. This is one of the best Promotional packages.

Users can Listen, Download and even view your Artwork from all the Pages of our Website. This Package will definitely blow up any Song no matter what.

We've used this Package to push Thousands of Tracks and it has changed them from just an Ordinary Song to a hit Song. The idea is, If 1 Million people use iTunesLoaded in a Day, 800k people will get to Listen/Download your Song.

This Package costs ₦600,000/Month or ₦200,000/Week.

You won't regret using this Package to promote your Song.

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