iTunesLoaded Controversial Music Post

Our users love to Gossip & Argue a lot and we decided to use this as an avenue to get more downloads for some Songs especially when the Artiste is an upcoming artiste.

This is how the Controversial post works. After getting your Song on iTunesLoaded, We will create and put this Post up 1 week, where we will compare the upcoming artiste to a bigger Artiste or write something controversial about the Artiste such that will spark hot controversy and will indirectly give the song more attentions.

We have created a whole lot of Controversial posts on iTunesLoaded over the years and the result is always very fantastic. If we compare an upcoming artiste's song to that of a popular one, Peoples will definitely download both songs so they can comment on which they truly think is the hottest and while doing that, the song will get eventually get massive downloads.

Some songs get over 200k additional downloads after we put up a Controversial post for them.

The way Music is been promoted is fast changing and one needs to leverage on the new trend to get the much desired result for your Musical content.

Controversial post can give your song between 100k to 200k New Downloads thereby giving the Song & Artiste the needed attention they need to be known.

This package cost ₦150,000. It’s hotter than fire!!

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