iTunesLoaded Alaba DJ Mixtape

We know online promotion is very important these days but there are still many more potential fans out there who really do not use the Internet and this is where Alaba Mix comes in.

Apart from promoting your Song online, another effective means of promoting your song is using Alaba DJ Mix.

This can be very expensive, costing over ₦700,000 for 1 month to be on about 10 Mixtapes but with our strong relationship with the 4 Top DJ’s in Alaba (DJ Real, DJ Mellowshe, DJ Kaywise & DJ Zeewhy) we can get your songs on all their to be released Mixtapes for cheaper price.

These Mixtapes can get your song spread across within just 2 months.

We can get your Single on 10 Mixtapes released that month or following month from the above mentioned DJ’s for just ₦250,000 only, You can never get this cheaper elsewhere.

See Sample => Click Here to see how the Alaba DJ’s Mix works  |  CLICK HERE

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